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Become a Water Skier!

3 ways to join and have fun!

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Spend your summer in and on the water, skiing, and enjoying lake life!  Don't know how to ski?  We'll teach you!



 - Be willing to help and learn

 - Pay Membership dues

 - Pay USA Association Fees

 - Work a little; and have a boatload of fun for the summer!

Development Team

This is a regular member of the team, but you'll get special time to be able to learn the tricks and nuances of show skiing.  You might be able to learn how to climb or base a pyramid, how to barefoot or go over the jump, or maybe work with a partner to learn doubles or trios. Don't worry - learning is part of the fun!



 - Be willing to learn and try new things

 - Have fun!

 - Pay Membership dues

 - Pay USA Association Fees

 - Did I mention have a boatload of fun for the summer!?!

Learn to Ski Programs

If you've never skied or want to refresh your skills, this clinic is for you!  Learn how to get up on skis, drop a ski (slalom) or advanced tricks like crossing/jumping the wake, barefooting and more. Gain confidence and have fun this summer!



- Be any age or ability but be willing to learn!

             Able-bodied, disabled skiers welcome

- Pay $50 for your 3-hour lesson

- Listen, Try, Have fun!!

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