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Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective - like the top of a pyramid, or at speeds of 40 mph! Or enjoy these photos of some of our great adventures and shows!

PreBuilt 4hi-skiing away_edited.jpg
Past Shows/Tournaments

In the early 1990's, Rochester was the first team to ever perform a pre-fabricated pyramid four levels high!  It started on the dock and built to four levels using a ladder and human helpers. The girl on top would be around 20 feet off the ground! We were also creators of new doubles moves, trios moves and interesting and different pyramids and other acts.​Enjoy these photos from some of our shows and tournaments over the years!

Learn to ski/Practices

It takes a lot of practice and teamwork to make a show come together.  It might be considered hard work by some, but it's not a job...It's fun, and it's exciting when everything happens the way it is planned! Enjoy these pictures of some of the kids and adults learning to work together, trust each other and become adept at new skills!

Ski Kids!
Funzy Day.jpg
Funzy Day/Wipe-Outs

Oops!!  Sometimes things don't quite go as planned....but every spill and every fall lead to becoming better as an individual and a team!​Enjoy!!

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