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Learning to get out there...

Welcome to Our World of Show Skiing!

Well, our team is entering its 65th year of waterskiing, and we thought it was time to get into this century! Welcome to our world and our first blog! We hope you find it interesting, entertaining and even useful as you get the scoop on our small little waterski team in Minnesota!! Over the years we've had a ton of innovations in show skiing: the world's FIRST pre-fabricated 4-tier pyramid; new doubles moves (the "John & Heidi"); other interesting pyramids, innovation in barefooting from various lake items, disc skiing, and more. Over the years we grew, we shrank, we grew, we shrank - and so it continues. We are growing again in team members and equipment, and excited to have new motors on our boat (500 HP!), new ropes and ski bindings, and a new-to-us jump!

Our home has always been beautiful Lake Zumbro, nestled between small bluffs and farmland just north of Rochester, and we are happy and proud to now be skiing in front of The Pondy Restaurant for our shows and practices. For 65 years, members have come from as close as the cabin next door, to 60 miles away! Our team has traveled to Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa and all over Minnesota to put on entertaining shows featuring daring barefooters, brave jumpers, graceful swivelers, beautiful ballet, and towering pyramids. We have also competed in many regional and national tournaments across the Midwest, and have attained as high as 6th at Nationals. Our amazing ballet and barefoot lines have risen to 1st place many times!! We also have many stars that have gone on to ski professionally worldwide. Our team is out there again and again.

As we slug through winter, we are waiting (slightly impatiently) for winter to pass and the Spring to thaw the ground and warm the water. Keep an eye on our website and keep in touch. We are hoping to post every other month about what our team is up to as we gear up for another great season!

Oh.....And Happy New Year!!!

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