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Shows on Lake Zumbro


Join us on special Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM and Holidays at 1:00 PM at The Pondy to see the daring, grace and awe of show skiing exhibitions on beautiful Lake Zumbro.  See the poster or calendar for practice and show dates and times!!  Ski ya soon!!

Membership Dues

No change for 2024 season!!

Skier - $100   ($25 discount for Lake Zumbro residents)

Family - $300

Supporting - $25

Alumni - $25

Plus USA WaterSki Association fees (mandatory except alumni)

Join or renew USA at:   OR

Click HERE for USA Application Form (New Members)

Learn2Ski Program - email us for updated information!!


Click HERE for Application Form OR

NEW option: click here!  Sign up ONLINE!

Click HERE for Alcohol Policy/Form


Active Member/Skier

Participate in all shows, practices and tournaments. Go over the jump, climb or base a pyramid, go barefooting, or learn to swivel ski.  Don't want to get on the water? Try boat driving or pinning (riding), or stay behind the scenes in the costume department or helping with sound.  Everyone and every ability welcome!

IMG_4152_resize (002).JPG
Support Member/ Driver/Actors

Participate in all shows and tournaments. Practice as needed for acting roles and other support functions. (Do you have other skills? We always need help behind the scenes, with docks, carpentry, site maintenance, equipment repair and more!!) Have fun while being involved with a great team!

Alumni/Past Members

Continue your support of the team with your annual donation and keep up on all the scuttlebutt!  Plus you can vote and help on the board!  whoo hoo!!!

We want to hear from you, not about you!!  Ski ya at the lake!!

Welcome to the Team!

January 2024

Yep, it's another New Year! We are celebrating our great 2023 and really looking forward to the upcoming ski season. Hopefully it will be warm and wonderful (sort of like this winter so far)!!  We have new motors, ropes, equipment, and even a couple new members and board members!  Keep your eyes peeled for more "new" on the water this summer!!  Ski ya soon!!  ;)


Summer 2023

Wow!  The water feels amazing already!!  Shows are going well and we are starting to look forward to tournaments at the end of July!  We had an interesting challenge yet again in Lake City Water Ski Days, but its so much fun to ski in the birthplace of skiing. It's hard to believe waterskiing just turned 101 years old!!  We always have room for new team members to join our ski family.....otherwise keep checking the calendar and we'll see you at the next show!!  Bring your lawn chair and some cash (donations accepted)!!


Winter 2023

Its still a few months until get our feet wet, but we are already working hard on an amazing theme and show!!  It's going to be good....but we'll share more on that later! For now we are encouraging everyone to get their Safe Sport done (over 18s) and get renewed on dues. Then come to a land practice, meat raffle, theme meeting or work day! Stayed tuned on the Band app or contact a board member for questions or to volunteer and get involved!!  :)   

April 24, 2022

We had our first info meeting and sign-up of the year today at Uncle John's Bar & Grill.  What a great turn out and it was fun to see a new face or two....and lots of "old" ones too!! We are anxious for the weather to start cooperating so we can get on the water! The dues haven't changed, and what a small price to pay for the fun we have all summer long!! And we have some exciting new equipment additions (a jump and new ski ropes)!! We are contemplating a pool practice to go through climbing skills and other items (and to get together) and try out the new ropes. Please send us a note at or this page for more info on joining our team!

Sept 15, 2021

And it's over....!  But what a great season we had!  We gained many new members and even a few "old" ones! We love our alumni skiers and friends!  Thank you to everyone who skied, helped out the team in any way, and to all of our special fans who came to watch and see our show in our NEW HOME at the Pondy!  Your cheers and encouragement meant a lot. It was fun and we are so thrilled to be skiing again!  We are looking forward to some fun off the water this winter and then a new season with new acts and excitement! Until then, lake friends!!

Aug 16, 2021

It's hard to imagine it's already nearing the end of the summer....a couple of our skiers are busy moving into college and kids are thinking about being back in school. But we still have ONE MORE WED night show!!!  See you on Wed, Aug 18 - the show starts at 7pm at The Pondy. Donations welcome!! Please bring a lawn chair, no coolers. Drinks/food will be available for sale! Hope to see you there!!!  Then we'll be practicing for our end of summer show on Labor Day at we expect something new that day!  Come and see!!

June 30, 2021

We had two GREAT days in Lake City for Water Ski Days and then two amazing practices on Lake Zumbro....we are anticipating a fun 1st ski show at our new home on Lake Zumbro!!  Show starts at 1pm at The Pondy. Donations welcome!! Please bring a lawn chair, no coolers. Drinks/food will be available for sale! Hope to see you there!!!  

June 1, 2021

We are so excited to announce that we have a spot to ski (The Pondy!!) and will be starting practices soon!  Join us June 12 for Safety Clinic and/or Driver Testing (skiers wanted!).  Email us for more info!!

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